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To access further videos showcasing our Outdoor and Floor shows, please send a request to [email protected]

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Shows & events

We offer a large range of events and shows, tailored for each venue, event, audience and budget. We are also offering free online sessions!


Free / Name your price Events



In Person & Online Parties



Events, Festivals & Showcases


We offer the following shows:

  • Musical Balloon Band Prom
  • Donkey Dots for Tots
  • Cecily Donkey’s Safari Picnic – various themes
  • Play Jazz with Musical Balloon Band
  • Choir Jam
  • Donkey Balloon Babies

We offer bespoke parties, educational workshops and themed events, and we love to be inclusive so if you have family and friends who can’t attend, we can arrange to have them join us via the internet. 

  • Balloons & Percussion
  • Instruments & Sounds
  • Story & Movement

Our Jungle Monkeyz Friends!

Jungle Monkeyz Logo

We love our collaboration with Nicholas DasGupta, creator of the Jungle Monkeyz Adventure, with his son Alexander. We write and produce the interactive shows, and sometimes you’ll meet Verona as ‘Rainbow’ her Adventure Jungle persona.

The Musical Balloon Band perform at Jungle Monkeyz in person and via live broadcasts. If you’d like to join in, please like our Facebook page to see our updates.

Our friend, actor and director Andrew Fettes (Jungle Drew), presents Jungle Monkeyz Tales from the Adventure Jungle. You can like their page too for notifications of the live broadcasts.

Jungle Monkeyz were one of our lovely sponsors of our own ‘adventure’ participation in the London New Year’s Day Parade 2020 representing the London Borough of Ealing with Mayor, Councillor Dr Abdullah Gulaid

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